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Trade Finance Global | Export and Supply Chain Finance for Businesses

Trade Finance Global was set up to help SMEs trade globally. As small businesses seek efficiency, the scale benefits of high volume orders, and the ability to fulfil orders and compete with larger companies, trade finance is becoming increasingly popular as a financial option. You can find out more about what trade finance is here:

However, businesses need to assess the risk (e.g. in Letters of Credit and currency volatility) and often are not willing to lend. Trade Finance Global recently published an SME Finance Guide – the leading guide on how businesses can approach funders and help get cash to fulfil orders. You can read the SME trade finance guide, and all about stock finance here:

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Being in a situation where one day you find yourself out of your house and the door closing behind you..yes..finding yourself locked out with the keys left inside. The pain and stress you have to go in is simply very hard.

We at Locksmith Croydon deal with so many cases on daily basis and are experiencied in accessing your property without damaging your doors or locks. In many cases we do not have to even drill through it.